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The club where it all started back in 2013. First Espresso and then a social ride. 


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We ride together and take care of those who need some help.


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Our philosophy

Every cyclist needs a buddy while riding their bike. We are here to keep you company, get you can on the road as quickly as possible and stick with you at all times. Join us with confidence, knowing we stick to our five principles.

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Cycling Espresso is free for you and your cycling friends to join. Contribute by buying our kit and share your rides with #CyEs.

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Riding together

We ride together to have the greatest possible time. We always help those in need to keep on riding and get back home safely. 

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Riders of all levels are welcome to join Cycling Espresso. From starter to professional, all are equal at Cycling Espresso. 

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Our rides are roughly 2 hours at a pace at which every rider can have a chat with fellow club members.

Cycling Espresso Jersey

Your safety is our first priority. Therefore a well maintained bike, a helmet and signing up for each ride are the few thing we ask for.